Our own story of courage


One of the kids wrote this beautiful story about how he needs אומץ לב (ometz lev) when there's a black out. On the other side of the dreidle he wrote: "but I find אומץ לב when I come into our parents bed"

Yesterday the Shorashim group made dreidle books. From the cover they look like a book, and then when you open them you can see a dreidle, but the secret lies within… inside the booklets there is a secret story of Ometz Lev (courage), each child wrote or drew a story, of his or her daily life. The story describes a moment in which they felt afraid of something and how they found Ometz Lev to deal with it. Some said they’re afraid of getting a flu shot, one child made a picture of how he’s afraid when his mother goes downstairs but he gets over it and find courage by hugging his cat.

…The dreidle connection? According to legend, children secretly gathered to continue their schooling, despite the study of Torah being outlawed by Antiochus. In the event that someone entered the room, the children would all be pretending to play dreidle together, disguising their real reason for assembling. The simple childs toy conceals a secret story of Ometz Lev, just like Shorashim’s books.